Peevees Education

The impressive Human development Indices of many of the developed economies are largely attributed to the huge strides in Health and Education sectors spanning over many decades. This was achieved largely due to the initiatives of the private sector that can empower the masses through greater choice and access. This is more than evident when it comes to School education where private initiatives have taken up the challenge to consistently innovate and reestablish a sense of confidence in the quality of education as a public good.

Peevees Group has identified Education as an area where its social responsibility as corporate citizen gets discharged. The group represents an emerging class of ‘Edupreneurs’ – the New Age Education Entrepreneur – passionate about innovation and enterprising in every aspect of service delivery;. at par with the best educational offerings across the globe. The Group has promoted Bridgeway Education and Training services (BEST) recognizing the inevitability of having a professional organization that manages an ever expanding network of private Schools and higher institutions.

Peevees Group began its educational pursuits through promoting Three pioneering educational institutions in Nilambur, India.

1. Peevees Public school, Nilambur: Mr. P.V.Abdul Wahab, the well known Middle East based businessman and Philanthropist, founded Peevees Public school in 1993 as the first International School of its kind in Kerala. A cosmopolitan co-educational Residential School spread over a lush green 25 acre campus, it hosts a diverse student community from all over India and abroad and fulfilling the aspirations of NRI parents looking for a safe and value based School environment.

2. Peevees Model School, Nilambur: A co-educational day School meant for local students with limited financial affordability. Never the less, the School offers facilities and processes at par with what is on offer in the International School.

3. Amal College of Advanced studies, Nilambur: The Group’s first foray into higher education in the year 2005 offering under-graduate programmes in Hotel & Tourism Management, Commerce and English Journalism & Public relations denote a conspicuous commitment to career enablement of orphaned and destitute children who are groomed throughout their School and collegiate education in an inclusive environment.

The resounding success of the above institutions have encouraged the promoters to take up management of expatriate community Schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Schools - CBSE affiliated Indian curriculum Schools in the metros of Jeddah and Dammam sensing strong market demand. Since the inception of the first School in 1999, the Saudi operations have recorded phenomenal growth to its present strength of over 7000 students and nearly 500 teachers.

1. Al Wurood International School, Jeddah: Boasts of 2500 students from over 35 nationalities and a corresponding mix of about 200 teachers and support staff. This is the only School in Jeddah that offers CBSE – International curriculum, a path breaking initiative from the parent board from India.

2. Al Khozama International School, Dammam: Having close to 1250 students by the tenth year of its launch, the School is renowned for its Add on programmes and community focused out-reach programmes that has captured the good will and admiration of the Indian community in abundant measure.

This enviable track record has been achieved through unflinching commitment to developing a high quality intellectual resource base, never ending pursuit of Knowledge based organizational linkages and professional management of financial, administrative and support services leading to efficient and effective educational institutions. This is religiously followed up by attracting talented teachers from a wide spectrum of instructional expertise, implementing effective teaching methodologies, implementing pastoral care and personalized attention over extended school hours to bring physical and affective domains within the ambit of campus life.