Al-Khozama employs multi-skilled educational professionals, specialists and staff who are supported with regular training by senior academicians and educationists. Dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals are selected for their expertise and their ability to create a congenial learning environment.

The performance of Head teachers and all staff is subject to regular review and from this, further training needs are identified. Comprehensive programmes of induction and ongoing professional development are regularly conducted to enable our staff to be at the forefront of their professional practice.

All staff have access to professional growth within the organisation. The school presently has a strength of 125 approximately Teaching/non-teaching staff (as on May 2015).

Teaching Staff: 80
Administration Staff:45

Staff Development

All round development of teachers is an ongoing process at Al-Khozama International School. The teachers manage the classrooms effectively bringing an invigorating atmosphere to their classes. To improve the quality of teaching, the teachers attend regular workshops and in-service programmes. They are at liberty to avail information from a well equipped library, audio visual aids and other labs. They have access to internet and web browsing to help them know more about latest trends and developments in their respective fields. The teacher organizes regular field trips to make learning more effective and enjoyable.