Robotics (Think Lab)





“Build Robots, Build Confidence, Be co-operative, Be Creative

Robotics Learning System (RLS) is aimed at implementing technology enhanced learning in classrooms. To work and operate in the learning environments of today, our kids need to be technology fluent and develop real skills such as co-operation, self confidence, team work, creativity and innovation. Robotics provide an opportunity to redesign learning by an inquiry based approach that help them to develop logic building and critical thinking skills. . A well-equipped Robotic Lab, where the children learn how to build and program robots with ‘ipitara” kits and software, is set up

RLS is a course meant to fully engage our aspiring young future engineers, computer programmers and scientists. Children participate in creative and challenging activities that encourage a love for science, technology and engineering at an early age. It also provides an opportunity to participate in the National level robotics competitions organized by the Thinks Lab (TRICKS). Students are also guided to take up open ended challenges by participating in Peevees Interschool competitions entitled “OPUS GIMMICK “.

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