The school provides its own transportation to Dammam, Qatif, Saihath, Al-Khobar, and Rastanura, by excellent coasters that ensure comfort and safety to our children. The drivers and teachers in charge ensure that the children are comfortably seated and picked and dropped on right time.


The school cafeteria is a hygienic and well stocked facility that serves snacks and beverages at affordable prices. Both the boys and girls sections have separate canteens managed by the staff. The children have two breaks during the school day to utilize the canteen.


A42O0662The school has a clinic with a qualified doctor and three nursing assistants. Minor cases of any illness are immediately attended with necessary first aid and in cases of emergency the parents are contacted.

Health campaign is always emphasized during the assembly and along with the ministry of Health, vaccination campaigns and other health programmes are also organized in the school. A few doctors are also arranged on a visit to counsel and air adolescent issues.

On March 2014, a medical health check-up was held for students which covered their height, weight and eyes. Those children whose eye sight showed some discrepancy were suggested to go for further examinations.